Didactic Dystopia
An exploration of dystopia for education


Below you will find a collection of resources for students and teachers.  Many of them can be used to create or complete assignments recommended on the “teachers” page on this blog, or teachers can use the resources to create their own dystopia related assignments.

For Students:

Orwell and Dystopia

A good, general discussion of dystopic fiction’s tropes and techniques.  A discussion of Orwell and analysis are also included.

Timeline of Dystopia

A wonderfully informative website about the timeline of dystopias and the term dystopia itself.

Writing on Fiction

OWL at Purdue university’s website with helpful tools and instructions for writing about fiction.

The-Dystopian Blog

A high-quality blog that presents analysis of dystopias, discussions of dystopian films, and contemporary news events related to dystopic themes.

List of Dystopian Fictions

A fantastic website that details some popular dystopian films and books.

Exploration of specific Dystopias and Terminology

This website has “mini-pages” for specific dystopic films and movies. It has a fantastic discussion of the terminology for each specific work of fiction.


A blog creation site students and teachers can use to create blogs about dystopias or describe dystopic worlds of your own creation.


For Teachers:

Margaret Atwood at Web English Teacher

Margaret Atwood has written many contemporary works of dystopic fiction.  This website has many resources for teachers who would use Atwood or dystopias in class.  Sample assignments, classroom discussion ideas, and the like are all included.

Using The Matrix in the classroom

A complete study plan endorsed by the NCTE focused on using the film The Matrix to explore dystopias and dystopic themes.

Discussions using The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins’ highly successful dystopic trilogy The Hunger Games is quickly becoming a popular choice for the classroom.  This site provides jumping off points for discussion and lessons.

Forum on dystopia

This website provides a forum for educators using dystopia in the classroom.


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